Foodtogether - returning to our roots 


Foodtogether is a social enterprise with roots going back over 25 years. We are all about supporting locals to come together to operate produce co-ops, where people get to know each, have fun and access wholesale fresh produce at great prices. 


We have recently been offering a delivery service in Hamilton and a website to order through which has caused some technical issues as we have attempted to offer a centralized system for the hubs. This has met a need during lockdown restrictions but we are now excited to refocus back into supporting our local community co-ops who will be promoting, collecting orders through a bank transfer system, packing, and distributing to an ever-increasing network of pick up points. This will mean that after a grace period of 2 weeks we will completely transfer the ordering and payment system from the website to the local coop who will be in touch through email. 


Driving our decision is the need to better serve local communities at this time through supporting community co-ops where local people can come and connect and benefit as well as streamlining and improving the value of the packs so that everyone wins.


Please join the network at Foodtogether and spread the word as we all come together around healthy fresh food.

 $15 community centre packs now available! Order before Tuesday 12pm, pick up Thursday between 11am- 5.30pm.

Can be ordered and paid for by eftpos or cash at the centre or by sending us a facebook message or email  internet banking 031355 0693330 00, please include your name and FT as reference.


This pack will only be available through the centre