Shape your work Shape your life!


Many of us are working 40 hours per week or 2080 hours per year. We are spending a good chunk of our life at work. It is important that we make the best out of our working life and make every hour count.


Are you looking for a pay cheque only or are you also looking for an enjoyable time with colleagues, a sense of fulfillment, purpose, new challenges, more responsibilities and recognition? Or are you looking for a better work-life balance?



Some people need to find out first what they want their work to be, others don’t know how they can make the necessary changes to shape their work to what they want it to be. In our programme Shape your work – Shape your future you can learn how to take control of your own destiny, have a positive influence on others, and make the right steps towards a fulfilled working life.


Even better, the skills you learn in this programme are very much transferable to your private life as well. Developing Emotional Intelligence a building block for the Shape your work – Shape your future programme. Emotional Intelligence is one of the most important attributes to have not only to excel at work but also to maintain harmonic personal life.

If you are self-employed or have a small business, register now for the session on Small Businesses. You are not alone with your challenges and questions”, says Stefan Doll who is helping his clients as mentor for Business Mentors New Zealand in his fifth year.



Nitin D.C.

Stefan Doll 

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