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Providing fun and stimulating activities as well as afternoon tea for the children. 

Children are collected and brought to our centre from Nawton School.

Programme runs till 5.30pm, $15.50 per day, OSCAR subsidies may be available.

To leave messages and updates for programme staff
Please contact Reception 8474873 phone extension - 0     email   

After School Coordinator - Melissa Symington


3pm - 3.10pm- Children collected from Nawton School

3.20pm - Afternoon Tea

3.45pm - Activity Time - Activities range from arts & crafts, sports, colouring in, playground activities, reading, games, movies, gardening, baking and much more.

Children are welcome to complete any homework they may have.

5.30pm - Children Collected 

Centre Policies

Our Western Community Centre policies are available to view from our centre reception. A copy can be printed should you wish to take away. ​

Programme Information


You can either click the 'Sign up Now' button at the top of the page, or CLICK HERE and our parent portal (AIMY PLUS) will open up.  

The enrolment process is very straight forward, but if you are having any issues, jump over to our PARENT GUIDES page where we have some You Tube tutorials, or you can always call us on (07) 8474873 Ex 0 and we will talk you through it.​

Please enrol in advance to secure a place so that we can resource the programme appropriately. 



Click on the link to see if you are eligible for an OSCAR subsidy. Ensure your application/renewal is lodged with Work and Income prior to your child attending the programme, or prior to expiry of the current subsidy i.e. an application or declaration form needs to be completed prior to each school holidays and each school term.

Parents/Caregivers are required to SIGN IN and SIGN OUT every day that your child attends the programme. The Daily Attendance Record is available on the tablet as you enter the programme.


Our staff will meet the children at the courts at Nawton School after the 3pm bell. We can pick up children from their individual class if requested. Children can be picked up at any stage before 5.30pm from our centre.  

To ensure the quality care of children within our programme we must be notified if you child is going to be absent from the programme before the programme starts. Failure to notify us may incur an additional fee for the time spent confirming your child’s safety. 


Any cancellations of programme bookings must be received before 1.30pm on the day of the programme. This can be done through the parent portal or by contacting the centre 8474873 Ex 0.

There are no refunds for cancellations after this. 


Our Western Community Centre policies are available to view from our centre reception. A copy can be printed should you wish to take away. ​


All care will be taken to provide excellent supervision of children attending the programme in accordance with programme policies and procedures, our staff to child ratio is no less than 1:10, no person under the age of 16 years is counted in our ratios and a supervisor over the age of 20 is always present. There will always be a minimum of 2 staff members supervising children at any one time.

If you wish to see the policies and procedure manual please ask a member of our staff. 

After School Care Programme
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