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Since 1979 the WCC has been providing a wide range of support services, programmes, activities and events based from its two facilities at 46 Hyde ave and 108 Grandview Road.

Each year 100+ unique services and programmes are offered for all ages to improve the quality of life for the residents of Hamilton.

171+ community groups, clubs, organisations and individuals made over 2,364 bookings so its a busy vibrant place!

The centre at 46 Hyde ave is owned by the community and overseen by a board of community members elected at the AGM.  

Some of the key things we do​

  • Community information hub

  • Justice of the Peace Tuesdays 9am-11am

  • Citizens Advice Clinics, Wed 10.30am- 12.30pm,

  • Family Court Navigator (dates further in this booklet) 

  • Whanau Support Worker - family support

  • Community Connection service 

  • Plunket outreach clinic

  • Fruit/Vegetable co-op,  bag for just $15

  • Western Community Newspaper, bimonthly delivered to 19,000 homes 

  • Playgroups and children's programmes

  • 50+ events, trips, luncheons, activities

  • Exercise classes

  • Power Bill check, bring in your bill to make sure you are not paying more than you need too

  • Western Wheels learner licence course

  • Out West Radio Show - Fridays 11am Free FM, listen on Spotify

  • Youth activities, events, programmes, leadership development

  • Holiday /after school programmes

  • Community education and training

  • Free public phone and computers

  • Photocopying, printing and scanning, 

  • Table and chair hire

  • Free fruit exchange

  • Regular Triple One Care,  Meditrain First Aid Courses

  • Kaivolution Free Store, Monday to Friday 1pm (no Tuesday)

  • Community development projects

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